Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find answers to general questions about applying for, receiving and repaying a short-term loan from Little Lake Lending. If you have more specific questions, please contact our Relationship Managers.

A short-term installment loan is typically a non-secured loan with a fixed number of payments made at regular intervals until the balance is paid off. A non-secured loan means that you do not put up a form of collateral that would be surrendered if you defaulted on the loan. Auto and home loans are common examples of secured long-term installment loans.

The major benefits of a short-term installment loan over a payday loan are the number of payments and length of the repayment term. A payday loan is typically repaid in a single payment, due in a matter of weeks, usually paid with a post-dated check or an automatic withdrawal on the borrower’s bank account. If the borrower can’t repay the amount on time, the debt may do a “rollover” into a new loan with additional fees and interest, pushing the borrower into a “debt cycle.” A short-term installment loan is repaid with a fixed number of predictable payments made over a period of several months, giving the borrower more time to repay their loan and a far greater likelihood of avoiding the debt cycle.

You will more than likely qualify for a short-term loan from Little Lake Lending if you meet all the requirements listed below:

  • Receive regular income
  • Are at least 18-years-old and a U.S. citizen
  • Have a checking account
  • Are not actively serving in the military or a dependent of someone actively serving in the military

* Other requirements may apply.

If you meet the requirements above, you can begin the loan process by completing our online application now.

Little Lake Lending is dedicated to providing emergency funding to the unbanked and underbanked. As long as you meet the requirements listed previously, it’s more than likely we’ll be able to work with you.

You’ll receive an email from Little Lake Lending regarding your approval and further information about completing the loan process. You may also receive a call from one of our friendly and professional Loan Specialists.

Little Lake Lending allows qualified first-time clients to borrow up to $1,200. Repeat clients may borrow a maximum of $2,500. However, we strongly suggest that you borrow only the minimum amount needed to cover your emergency expense and that you take advantage of our Penalty-Free Early Pay-Off Policy to minimize the cost of your loan.

Little Lake Lending can typically have funds delivered to your account the business day after your application has been processed and approved, including e-signing your online loan documents and verbally verifying your loan details, if you meet the cut-off time of 4:00 p.m. PST Monday-Friday.

If you require funds the current business day, you can request a Special Services Transfer up to 1:00 p.m. PST Monday – Friday by calling 1-844-600-9737. For loans processed on weekends or bank holidays, you will receive the Special Services Transfer the next business day. Please verify with your bank as additional incoming fees may be assessed.

To ensure your funding is delivered as quickly as possible, look for and respond to your confirmation email in a timely manner, as it contains your username and password. Log in to your account, carefully review and e-sign your loan documents, then call our Relationship Managers at 1-844-600-9737 to verbally verify your loan details and arrange for a wire transfer, if needed. If you don’t see your confirmation email within one hour of applying, check your spam folder. If you are still unable to locate the email, call our Relationship Managers for assistance.

Guarding your personal information is a top priority for Little Lake Lending. From the moment you submit your data, we employ cutting-edge security protocols. Your file submission is encrypted and stored in an off-site facility with multi-dimensional layers of physical and digital protection.

Little Lake Lending believes in transparency. We publish our rates on our website and ensure that our clients understand exactly how much their loan will cost. Additionally, we encourage our clients to borrow the minimum amount necessary to cover their emergency expense and to take advantage of our Penalty-Free Early Pay-Off Policy.

All Little Lake Lending loan agreements include a detailed schedule of payment amounts and due dates. You can choose to have your payments automatically withdrawn from your bank account, or you can mail a money order or cashier’s check to Little Lake Lending 2770 Mission Rancheria Rd #393 Lakeport, CA 95453

However, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of our Penalty-Free Early Pay-Off Policy and pay off your loan early if your finances allow. You’ll save money on interest without incurring any fees. If you would like to take advantage of this option, please contact a Relationship Manager at 1-844-600-9737.

In the event you might be late with a scheduled payment, please contact a Relationship Manager at 1-844-600-9737 as soon as possible to request a three-day courtesy extension. There’s no fee for this extension, but it is only available once during the life of your loan.

Little Lake Lending abides by federal laws and regulations as incorporated by the Big Valley Band of Pomo Indians of the Big Valley Rancheria, a federally-recognized sovereign American Indian tribe.

If you want to save money on the cost of your loan by making extra payments, making payments bigger than the scheduled amount, or by paying off the entire balance early, our Relationship Managers are happy to assist you: 1-844-600-9737.

You can view and download your loan documents at any time during the life of your loan by logging in to your account at If you need assistance, please call our Relationship Managers at 1-844-600-9737.

To exercise your Right to Cancel, you have until 1:00 p.m. PST the second business day after your “Disbursement Date” to begin the process of returning the funds interest-free. Keep in mind that your Disbursement Date is the date funds were transferred to your financial institution. This may not be the same date your bank makes those funds available to you, so please call us at 1-844-600-9737 as soon as possible if you want to cancel your loan. If you miss the Right to Cancel deadline, you can still pay off your loan early without penalties and pay only the interest you’ve accrued up to your pay-off date.